Quentin Graves: Profile

Hello I’m Quentin Graves. My first series of books will introduce you to my heroin, Agent Mallory Rowe, a five year veteran of the Special Intelligence Service. Meet Mallory in her first mission, \"Kill Shot\".

I also write a series of books in the Dark Ember stories. What is a Dark Ember story you ask? It is story that tells the darker side of human nature, where I cover rape, murder, serial killers, and abuse. I write about the sadistic side of our nature that needs no vampires, werewolves, aliens, ghost or dark spirits. I write about the side of life that has all the monsters necessary to frighten us. They are all the more frightening because they exist in our day to day life.

If you chose to delve into the dark side of our world, be fore warned; it will be filled with graphic depictions of rape, murder and torture. I hope by writing about it, I exorcise my own personal demons. I hope by reading it you exorcise yours. In the end the demons we must fear the most are us.