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My Life With Paul Part 1.

Everything seemed perfect for me. I was eighteen a virgin and engaged to a great guy in his early twenties. He had a good career thanks to his dad plus he was very good looking. He was five eight, 155 pounds of muscle. On his spare time he worked out and competed with the body builders.

I worked out also but not as much as my future husband Paul did. I just went to the gym on weekends and a couple of times after school. I did like playing sports, such as swimming and gymnastics and even after I got married I planned on playing on the city teams. Playing for the fun of playing sports. So all was looking good for me. I am 5''6" 110 pounds dark wavy hair just over my shoulders. Large breasts 38 C and my waist is 23 and hips 34 .

As I say I am a virgin so managed to fight off the boys. My brothers have always helped fight away boys who tried to hang around me. Believe me I have a lot of brothers. I am the only girl in the family. I have two older brothers both black and twelve younger brothers all shades of black. To set things straight. My parents are both white but on mom's side of the family way back is black link. Mom has never really explained it to me. None of my mother's brothers and sister had been black or her aunts and uncles. Why the black jean started showing up in my generation is difficult to understand. But blacks in my family have showen up, Infact not only am I the only girl in the family but I am the only entirely white one in the family. The rest of my brothers are different shades of black. By the way my mother is pregnant again at the age of thirty-five. She was only fifteen when she married my dad.

My dad is a priest so talking to him about sex was taboo of coarse. Mom was very conservative in manner but in looks she was stunning. I infact looked a lot like mom. She also was around 5'6” 110 pounds big breasts, small waist and ample hips. I had seen her coming from the shower a few times. She didn't work, but did a lot of volunteering for the church. We never talked about her volunteer work. I just know she was out of the house a lot. Although sometimes she did have black teenage boys to the house. On those occasions mom told me she was teaching the black boys the ways of the lord. She said the black boys needed to learn the ways of the Lord the most. Dad must have agreed with mom because he never objected to all the black boys she brought to the basement of our house.

Yes of coarse Paul was like any other man wanting to get me into bed before we got married. I have to admit it was a difficult time for myself. I had all these run away harmones I wanted to try out myself and find out how they worked and one hot itchy pussy. I never talked to other girls about sex and especially my mother. Before I go on you would think with all the children my mother had sex would be an open supject. However it wasn't. My parents had been married twenty years and she was pregnant now with her sixteenth child.

What was really amazing my room was next to my parents and through the years you would think one would hear a lot of bedsprings banging since every year or every other year I had a new brother. But I always had trouble sleeping for some reason and never heard the bedsprings except on the odd occation. I just gather my parents were quiet at sex during the night. I knew they didn't have sex during the day because dad was either at the church prepairing lessons for church or working out at his own gym.

One day after school I went to the construction site my boyfriend Paul worked. He was just getting off worked. The cafateria was empty and we went in. "What did you want to talk to me about Paul?" I asked after sitting down at one of the cafateria tables.

I know we promised no sex before we got married Marrie but I can't hold out any longer and the last thing I want to do is cheet on you. Can't we have sex just once before we get married. Please Marrie. I promise it will not change the way I feel about you. I love you so much." Paul pleaded.

"We only have to waite three more months for the big wedding your dad has planned for us Paul." I said knowing in my own head I'd love to try sex with Paul. The least I could do is pretend to want to wait. Maybe he was testing me to see if I was a good girl.

"Please Marrie. I Love you so much and I want to show my love so much to you." Paul continued to plead.

After a good half hour of pleading and I do mean pleading I said okay we would have sex. Then we had to work out where and when. Neither of us had much time or money. Most of our money was tied up in finding a nice house to move into after we got married and furniture. Thank goodness the wedding and honeymoon was all on Paul's dad. We finnally decided on Saturday after it got dark in the secluded part of the park. Paul could park his car in the parking lot. We then could take a blanket to the secluded part of the park not that far from the parking lot, put the blanket down and have our first sex. It sounded easy.

It was a busy week with finals coming up so I had a lot of studding to do. Plus swimming as well as gymnastics. I thought the week would go slow but actually it went fast. I went shopping for my mother. She was busy teaching some black boys some lessons in our basement and didn't want to disturb her. When I got home around noon she had finished the biblical lessons with the black boys and was fixing lunch when I got home. She must have had a fresh shower because she smelled especialy fresh. She had her long navy blue dress on. It must have been her favourite one because she wore it quite often.

Mom and I had soup and sandwhiches together and she asked what I was going to do the rest of the day. I told her I would be at the gym at school this afternoon and be home to help with dinner. Then would be going out with Paul this evening. I asked her what she would be doing. She told me she was having another bible class this afternoon with those black devil men. She said if it took the rest of her life she'd drill it into those boys how they were suppose to praise the lord in the proper way. I have to purify those boys even if it takes all their manness out of them." She often said. What ever she meant by that. "Those black boys always seem to gain their manlyness back though and more and once more I must purify them. It's an never ending cycle Marrie. Thank goodness the basement where I take those manness hormones away is sound proof. All the black boys and I do a lot of moaning and groaning to please those black boys and get rid of their bad seed."

"Good luck mom." I said as I gathered my gym bag and left the house. See you later this afternoon to help with dinner. I am sure dad'll be hungry after his long day at church.

It wasn't difficult telling my parents I was going to the Saturnight service with my boyfriend Paul. I did feel guilty though lying to my dad who was a priest. I lied and told him we would be going to the church on the other side of the city close to Paul's place. Paul was every bit the gentleman he always was and knocked at the door to pick me up. It was an unusualy hot night and I wore a summer dress. Yes of coarse I wore a bra and panties. Dad had already left to prepair for evening service.

Mom said she was expecting another group of the black hoodlooms over. She was wearing a long housecoat she often wore to go to the basement to teach the black boys. I had always wondered why she would wear that long house coat into the basement to teach the rapure to those black boys and wondered what she wore under it. But she had been doing it as far back as I could remember. So she must know what she is doing because at least three times a day she had those heathen black boys down stairs.

I was about to set my put my dirty dishes in the sink when I heard the back door bell ring. “I'll get it Mom.” I said heading for the back door.

“Okay Marrie.” Mom said putting her mug down on the kitchen table after swallowing her coffee.

I went to the back door and opened it. “Hi your mom is expecting us.” A black boy around eighteen said. I recognized him at once as a boy that had been over many times in the past months. His name was Tony. I had heard other boys call him that who also came to our place. He was a good six feet tall, very muscular. He always wore tight sleeveless t-shirts and blue jeans. When ever I had seen him coming over he looked so tough like a hoodlum his dark brown eyes blazing. He looked so full of anger of some sort. I couldn't really understand what the matter was with him. But then I had seen many young black men with the same kind of attatude coming to moms biblicale groups.

Then I heard mom from behind me. “Come in Tony. You have met my daughter Marrie before she is off to church service. Bring in the gang Tony.”

I stepped to one side to let Tony and the other black boys in the house. I could see mom would have a lot of work to do tonight. In walked at least two dozen hard bodied boys looking much like Tony. All the boys including Tony were rubbing the crotches of their jeans as they walked past me.

“Down stairs boys.” Mom said in a stern voice. “Thank you Tony for bring your bunch of boys so I can take all that badness from them.”

“Yea, what ever you want to call it.” Tony said. “Lets get at it. I'm about to burst and so are my buddies.”

“Follow me downstairs then Tony and bring the gang. I see I am going to have a long night with you and your buddies. I'm sorry Marrie when you have to see the way these boys behave before I remove their badness but you have seen how black boy after black boy leave with praise in their hearts and satisfaction on their faces.” Mom said as she led the two dozen black boys down the hall to the basement stairs.

“Bye mom and good luck. I am going across town to go to church service with Paul.” I said.

No sooner had I put on my shoes when the front door bell went. I went tot the door to see Paul waiting for me. I got in his car and we were soon driving toward the park. It was only a five minute drive from my place. He parked the car on the far side of the park.

We got out of his car. Paul carried the blanket and we headed to a secluded part of the park not far from the parking lot. He put the planket down and we both laid on it after kicking off my loafers.
Paul undid his shoes and took them off along with his socks.

I didn't know what to do and I don't think Paul did either. We ended up moving close to each other and began kissing. We had kissed before. He moved his large muscular arms around me in a big embrace and undid the back of my dress and pulled down the zipper. I pulled my arms through the dress and soon the top of my dress was off and I only had my bra on. He unhooked my bra and he pulled it off. My large breasts fell free. I guess Paul was impressed by the size of my breasts because he took one
of them in his hands and began to message it leaning his body into mine. I could feel his hard
cock pressed against my leg.

Paul leaned down and licked my large nipple and took it into his mouth. I wanted to see his chest and
began to undo the buttons of his cotton shirt. When I had his shirt undone I felt inside for his nude
chest. It was smooth and muscular. I ran my hands all over his chest as he let go of me and removed
his shirt and now we were both topless. He then undid my skirt and pushed it down over my hips. I kicked it down my legs and off my feet. Now I just had my panties on.

I hadn't touched my own pussy except to wash it. For some reason I thought it was a sin to touch one's self because that was for your mate to do. So I had never experienced an organzam before or even anything close to an orgasm before. Now I felt my panties and they were becoming wet with out me touching them. I didn't know why though. Then for the very first time I felt as my panties were being pushed aside by someone other than myself. Paul's finger entered my pussy and I wanted to push forward to get more of his finger in me.

However I didn't and waited for Jeff to take the lead. He pulled his finger out of my pussy and took a
hold of each side of my panties and pulled them down. I lifted my butt up and he pulled them over my ass and on down my legs to my feet. He took them off my feet and threw them on the ground. He stood up undid the top botton of his pants and undid the zipper and pushed his pants down his muscular legs to his feet and stepped out of them. I saw the big lump in his boxer shorts. Paul leaned over and pulled them down as well and stood up.

"Do you like my cock Marrie?" He said.

"Yes." I answered. It had to be around five inches long and straight. It had this head on it with a hole in the middle. It did look impressive. Äre you going to put that in me?" I asked.

"Yes but not cum today. I don't want you having children until we get married Marrie." He said.

“Okay." I answered.

Paul laid down beside me and we began to kiss again. He began kissing my neck down to my nipples and breast. He kissed down my stomach and down to my pussy. That was so hot. I was so excited when he reached my pussy but he went passed my pussy and kissed my thighs and went back to my stomach and back to my breasts and my nipples. Then he went back down to my pussy once more and licked my clit and took it into his mouth. I felt myself shaking all over. I couldn't control my body as I felt myself squirting into Paul's mouth.

He moved his mouth from my pussy and moved up again licking me all over. He then laid on top of me and kissed my lips again. I tried to kiss him back. We kissed along time before he told me to spread my legs. I spread my legs and before I knew it his cock was in my hot pussy all the way. He wasn't in my pussy more than a couple of seconds when he was pulling out. I saw a steam of blood coming from me the same time. I wanted to scream. "What have you done to me. I'm bleeding."

Just then he was pulling his cock out of me again. "I made you a woman Marrie. Nothing to worry about." Paul said.

"Okay." I answered as Paul pushed his five inch cock back into me. This time Paul's cock seemed to wake something deep inside me. I felt all hot and feaverish. I could feel my clit hard again and felt Paul put his fingers around it as his hard cock entered me all the way. Paul had withrawn his cock from my pussy at the same time. Suddenly to my amazement he took his hand around his cock and was moving it up and down in his hand. Just then all this white stuff came out all over the top of my
stomach. The only thing wrong was my pussy felt it was on fire. He had stimulated something in my pussy but had stopped. I kept rubbing my clit forgetting about Paul momentaraly and I felt my back lift off the ground and a this liquid came shooting from me again only more powerful than the first time. I lay back. When I looked up Paul was looking down at me and saying nothing.

Ïs that it?" I asked looking at Paul.

"Yes. What did you expect?" He said. He was already putting his undershorts on and pants. He had his shirt on and doing it up and I was still laying on the blanket still nude. I was stunned that after what seemed forever waiting for this day it was over so fast. “Get dressed I got to get home. I promised dad I would be home early. Hurry up Marrie.”

I couldn't consintrate because my head was spinning. I felt so let down and for some reason empty. I remember just looking up at Paul feeling tears running down my face and looking down at my nude body. What was wrong with me. I felt so hot between my legs. My pussy felt like it was on fire and Paul was ready to just forget about my needs.

“Fine stay here then. I'm going. I'll give you a call tomorrow. I'm not going to be late because you want to just lay around.” Paul said with a bit of an angry tone in his voice.

I still couldn't comprehend how Paul could get me so hot and just want to leave me here all alone only conserned he had to be home. I guess that's when my stubberness took over my reasonsoning and I said. “Go ahead Paul. Go then. I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe? Maybe not.”

“Oh I'm sorry Marrie. I really am sorry. I Love you so much Marrie but I really do have to get home. You can't stay here all by yourself. Come on get dressed Marrie and I'll take you home.” Paul said.

“Okay then.” I answered getting up, finding my clothes and getting dressed as quickly as possible. Paul put the blanket back in the car and helped me into the front seat of the car and drove me home. We kissed at the door and I went inside. The house was quiet and I went to the livingroom and sat down. I felt so lost and my body felt so hot especially my pussy. I felt like stripping nude and fingering my pussy in the worse way. But then I heard the back door open.

“Any one home?” I heard dad say.

“Yes dad. I'm in the livingroom.” I answered.

“How was the service across town tonight Marrie?” He asked as he entered the livingroom.

“It was quite interesting dad.” I answered. “I think I reached a new understanding of things.”

“I'm glad Marrie. Where is your mom? Have you seen her since you got home?” Dad asked.

“No dad. She is probably still down stairs with the black boys teaching them lessons. You know how dedicted she is in taking the badness out of them.” I said. “It is early. Do you mind if I go out for a walk down town. I want to do some thinking about tonights service and clear my head at the same time Dad.”

“Go ahead Marrie. I know you are so much like your mother dear. You just go out and relax. I am so proud of the way your mother is dedicated to teaching those hoodlum black boys. I've seen those black boys come in looking like such thugs full of plain bad lust and how they leave with big smiles on their faces with looking so relieved of their evilness. I know I could never achieve those mirraculous changes in those black boys like your mother can.

“I agree with you dad. Mom really knows what she is doing. I know tonight she is really got her hands full. That Tony guy was here again. It seems mom just can't get all the badness out of him. He is here at least three times a day for the past six months and he brings more and more thugs with him. At least as bad as he gets he at least knows to bring fellow thugs to mom so she can take the badness out of them as well.” I said opening the back door to leave. “I bet you are so proud of mom.”

“Yes I am Marrie. You could learn a lot from her. You are so kind and good like she is. I know your mom is afraid you will be better off marrying Paul, settling down and raising your own family but I still think you could learn a lot from your mom and she should take you downstairs to observe how she teaches those bad thugs to be honest and God fearing citizens. But I guess your mother knows best. Have a nice walk Marrie and I hope you clear your head.”

“Thanks dad. I'll probably just go to the park and relax. Bye dad.” I said and went out the door heading for the park. I took the short cut through the neighbours laneways and reached the park in no time. I headed to where Paul and I had been earlier and sat down. I thought back to earlier when Paul and I had been there making out. I could feel the itching in my pussy begin again and felt my nipples hardening in my bra. Without thinking I realized I had pulled the zipper down at the back of my dress. The fresh air felt so nice against the heat of my body. But I still felt so hot and pushed the top of my dress down until my bra came into view. The bra felt like it was tight and seemed to bite into my breasts. I know I shouldn't be doing this but I undid the back of my bra and let it slide off my large breast, slide down my arms and tossed it on the grass. Now I was nude from the waist up as I pushed my dress to my waist. Now my pussy seemed it was on fire. I pulled my dress up to my waist and without thinking I pulled my panties down as I lifted my ass off the ground. The next thing I knew my panties were on the ground beside my bra. I began to message my clit as I tossed my head back and could hear myself moaning.

“Shit. Look at this guys.” I suddenly heard as I opened my eyes to see four boys around eighteen starring at me. The boy talking was about five ten with short dark blond hair, wearing a tight white t-shirt and blue jeans. He looked like he might have been on the highschool football team. Slim and muscular. Two of the other boys had dark black hair and looked like they were Italian also slim and muscular both about six feet tall. The other boy had dark red hair, maybe Irish also slim and muscular about five ten.

I know I should have felt imbarressed being cought almost nude but I couldn't help but feeling hotter than ever as I couldn't help looking at each of their crotches. “Hi guys.” I said. “Why don't you guys come over and sit down with me. I'm feeling lonley and you guys look like you'd be good company.”

“Sure. Sounds good to me. My names Ryan.” The dark blond haired boy said. “This is Tom.” Ryan said pointing to the dark red haired boy. “Jason.” Pointing to one of the dark haired boys. “And Anthony.” He said pointing to the other black haired boy.

My Life With Paul. END OF PART 1.