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Romy: Profile

People ask who I am. That is a question that man has pondered through the ages. I will try to answer what you, my horny readers, probably really want to know about me.

It would probably be fair to say that in most regards I am just another girl next door with the exception that I am a sex addicted nympho. One of the ways I relieve my craving is through writing.

Very often while watching a movie, or reading a story or book I start to wonder about the characters and their sex lives and write to explore those possibilities. Other times I have to give voice to my darkest fantasies. And occasionally I just have to write about my own sexual adventures. If I have tagged a story as true, then yes, it very much did happen.

I hope to improve my writing skills and indulge my wildest fantasies here. I look forward to feedback from my readers. Tell me what you liked, what you didn’t like and what you might want to happen next. Tell me how it made you feel, excited, sad, horny or turned you off.

Talk to me directly on Twitter: @SintilatingRomy