Teloz: Profile

I am made of stardust; born in the heart of a star; I am the son of catastrophe and extinction!

I'm the archetypal grumpy, irascible, shambling, old Gnome, not pushing a wheelbarrow, but on it, with similar troglodytic tendencies to the Gnomes of myth and mystery! Known as Teloz or Tel, any resemblance to Father Christmas is purely coincidental.

I'm a man of many parts, most of them pretty disconnected nowadays, and the ones that are left are knackered.

An Englishman and proud of it, I live in a part of the UK called the East Midlands. I've been an avid reader since I first learned to read (to the extent of sitting in a cafe, and reading the labels on the sauce bottles). I've written much and published little, mainly because I'm my own worst critic. I'm tri-lingual, I speak English, American and Sarcasm.

I think writing stories is an art; not everyone can do it, but I deeply respect those that can (think Bob Lubrican, and Lazlo Zalezac), but for now I'll keep trying.

I try to ensure my stories are error-free, and go to great lengths to ensure that. Having said that, Sod's Law ensures that the first thing you see when your extensively re-read, and edited, story is published on line, is a typo!

PS: My favourites list is pretty extensive, (22 and growing!) but every story is worthy of its place!