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I have been writing adult stories for nearly 10 years now and average about only two or three a year. We have had several group experiences including gangbangs and orgies. That is why I have put finger to keyboard to express my own fantasies in a safe environment. My tales are predominantly based around group sex with gangbangs taking up a large proportion of them. In all of them the women are initiators because I am appalled by stories depicting women as objects to be used by men. Current porn that depict women as sluts and whores is degrading and reflects an extremely worrying trend. I believe that men who enjoy seeing women being degraded by a gang of men watching and wanking is a little bit gay.

I love the porn of the seventies when women were portrayed as horny liberated sexual creatures that actually enjoy the sex that they are performing. Sure the stories are lame but the action and the women are genuine.

This, like all the stories, is written by Mr Friskee.