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TheKinkInside: Profile

Originally, I intended to submit true stories only. But I'm no Gene Simmons, so if I limited myself to strictly true stories, I'd be done after about a dozen submissions. That is, unless you want hundreds of stories about pleasant, but absolutely conventional, sex! I'm sure that somewhere, there are guys that can fill a shot glass with cum six times in a night...but I'm not one of them.

Still, whenever possible, I draw from actual events in my stories. And to me, the best stories are ones that I could believe actually happened. So that's how I'm going to try to write.

I am happily married. My first story, My Wife's Kinky Friend Sara, contains a very accurate description of my wife and our relationship. There are times I want to throw her out of the car, just like every husband the world over. But she's a great gal, and I wouldn't be the same without her.

I'm no literary genius. My writing skills are generally more technical, as that's my professional background. I am sure I'll miss something once in a while, but I try to use grammar, punctuation and spelling correctly, unless the story calls for an exception. But in the end, it's about writing something people enjoy reading, and I hope you do. If so, send me a note and let me know.