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Dr Cumings: Profile

I am a Caucasian male over 60 years old. All of my stories unless otherwise stated are pure FICTION. They are a product of my demented imagination. Some have suggested that I must have been molested as a child or I am in some way a sociopath. Please let me assure you that I had a happy carefree childhood and I get along well with others.
I must admit I have no idea where these stories come from. I guess I could blame Phil Phantom, Vulgas and Just plain Bob but they only influenced me, the stories are mine.
I find that I do not actually write the stories, the stories write themselves. When I start I have only a tiny idea to work from, the rest comes from the people in my stories.
Some of my stories involve young children and violence toward the characters. I am a nonviolent man. I would never even consider touching a child in a sexual way and the very thought of hurting someone on purpose is abhorrent to me except in my stories. In fact most all of my stories are written from the point of the victim or a passive character that is describing the action. (Thoes characters are closer to who I am rather than the perpetrator of the violence).
If you wish to give constructive criticism I would welcome it.

The problem with sequels.

They take up too much time laying out background and developing the characters.
When you start a short story out of the blue, you can plop your people down into unusual situations and run with it. But with a sequel you have to fill in all of the background that you left unsaid in the original short story so that it all fits together. Any way I do not think I will do anymore sequels unless I feel it will flow easily in to the next adventure.

A note about my stories: When I up loaded my stories I had them as individual short stories. But when the moderator placed them he must have felt that they should be chapters, so my stories have very looooong chapters because they are really individual short stories.