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Phil Lane: Profile

These stories are written jointly with Freddie Clegg but with Phil providing the main contribution.

For "Sonnet 57", Phil is pretty much entirely the author, Freddie hasn't done much more than the odd bit here and there - although Phil says otherwise...

For "Tales from A Far Country", Phil was really the driving force behind the narrative direction and the character development and he's provided at least the first draft of much of the story. He's also done much of the original research and especially contributed the material on the Russian aspects of the tale. Freddie's contribution was to suggest the format and structure (the separation of this story as a "simulquel" from Such Sweet Sorrow was my idea if you don't like it!), some of the narrative, some of the dialogue and some editing so it's right that these stories are credited to "Phil Lane & Freddie Clegg" rather than the other way about.