Hey Mikey: Profile

Hello Everyone,

Here's a little bit about myself and the stories I like to read and write.

I'm 46 and have lived in Rochester, NY my whole life. I've had a love for erotic stories ever since I was a kid. I started writing them a short time ago after I began chatting with people on an adult web site. Most of them are pure fantasy with characters and events inspired by either my own or my online friend's fantasies. A few, however, are taken from true events in my life.

In general, I like erotic stories that move along at a good pace and they don't necessarily have to be quite as rich in detail as some of you may like. As long as I like the story line and there's a good amount of sex, I'm usually happy. The stories I write usually follow that same format. Some of them can be a little far fetched but, as I always say, "you should never let a little thing like realism get in the way of a good erotic story." Some of them may also include sexual acts or themes that some might find bizarre or distasteful. Hey, whatever blows your skirt up. It's a free country. Well, at least mine is. (most of the time)

I am not a great writer. My spelling and grammar stink so please forgive any that slip through the proof reading. I am also still in the process of learning how a good story should be formated so, again, forgive me. Anyone who has posted stories knows that you always want to go back and change something after it's up there, but sometimes it's just not worth the trouble. I've learned to forgive a lot when reading other authors' stories so please do be kind in return. I also don't write very fast so it sometimes takes a while for me to post additional chapters. Your patience is appreciated.

I learned about, and was introduced to, sex at a very young age so many of my stories reflect the fond memories I have of adolescent sexual discovery. Although some of them deal with under age sex and especially sex between adults and minors, all depictions are consensual in nature and IN NO WAY do I condone, nor seek to encourage, REAL sexual contact with anyone not of legal consensual age.

Anyway, thanks for reading all the way down to here. I hope you enjoy some of my stories. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions so please feel free to send them.

Happy Reading Everyone