Ron Lewis: Profile

Sometimes in life we realized that there are things that we must do no matter if we want to or not. Much of my life I have done what must be done, not that I haven't done that which I want to for I have.

I have always wanted to do something that I have never actually done. Well I have but not for others and now it is something I want to do for others as well. So that is the purpose of what I am doing. I have written outlines for stories and stories forever, well maybe not forever but for years and years. Most have been lost a few survive but they are re-creatable though when re-created they will not be the way they were. You can’t ever duplicate what you wrote before. You can make it better or God forbid you can make worse. Hopefully it will be better.

As to me what is important about is not something I really think anyone wants to know. What I hope they want is to read my writing and hopefully it does not suck.

I also have an account on this websites sister site. I will publish the same stories on both sites but on this site they will not be the exact same story and will be more adult oriented.

As with all the writers on this site I hope for feedback from readers. So drop me a line if you like the stories or if you hate them. I have a wide interest in writing from Westerns to Mysteries, from Science Fiction to Horror. I would love feedback so feel free and you don’t have to pull punches either I am a big boy that has been around a long time so I can take constructive criticism as well as any that have compliments. I can even take the occasional hateful anonymous email!