Jack White: Profile

My stories mostly involve children having and enjoying sex. It's my personal feelings that biologically children can and sometimes do enjoy sexual activities. Babies as young as six months have been observed to have orgasms. Sex is one of the most powerful instinct in all organisms that reproduce sexually. Some species of male spider have been seen deliberately impale themselves onto the fangs of a female allowing her to feed and giving the males just a little more time to mate.

Unfortunately in most human cultures sex is highly taboo, especially child sexuality. We tell our children that sex is dirty and nasty. We force them to cover their "private" parts and to feel that sexual thoughts or activity is shameful. It is this factor that causes so much damage to children who are sexually molested. What makes the shame even worse is when a child enjoys the sex acts.

Anyone who engages in activities described in my stories is one of the worst types of criminal. These stories are fantasy.