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Bi John 4 Both: Profile

Young bi guy that really like BBW women with big breasts!! - REALLY~~~ A big lactation fetish too!!! I have been bi with my two friends Steve and Dave since we were younger, they are actually gay, but I had a girl friend Sara, and I am looking for older experianced lovers now! I love erotica and am very sensually minded, find out for yourself! My stories are about the women I would LIKE to be with, the Past in my stories comes from my life - it is the Fantasy of the now that I want to share with you.

Marital Status:Single

Interests:Big breasts - lactation - free thinking people

Sexually I am intreasted in a lot of oral play, me using my mouth that is, my mouth, my tongue, my teeth, my lips to please you in so many delicious ways. I am very intreasted in big breasts, and would fixate on them I am sure, but in a very loving way. I do like cock too.

Write me - I crave your words!!!!