Auditguy: Profile

I am a big fan of stories by Drkfetyshnyghts, Parker, Dr. Wu, Couture and many more.

Some higher power has blessed me with an overactive imagination and even more perverse thoughts; so I write my fantasies (and they are only fantasies), for my own pleasure, and to keep a journal of my own thoughts (not all my fantasies are erotic, some are Sci-fi, but that is for another site and another time).

The stories that I have written mostly go unpublished, because they would make the above authors cry tears of sorrow, as my writings so brutalize the erotic / BDSM story genre that I am embarrassed to even read them myself.

Despite all that and the best wishes of the logical side of my brain, I have decided to try to post some of the stories that I have written (which I have to warn you are not as good in words as they are in my head, so the result always disappoints me).

As for the stories themselves, I am all over the board with my interests, but I particularly like humiliation, degradation, body modification (tattoos, piercings, or surgical) and transformation (both psychological and physical) usually from an innocent to the perverse.