Aaron310: Profile

I have a moderately good imagination that when applied to my fantasies takes on an extreme and perverse twist. I am attracted to extremes and get off on how wrong a story is.....or weird I love cooky and weird stuff.

So readers be warned none of my stories are going to be very realistic and will contain such subjects as pedo, rape, snuff, beastiality, body mod, racism. etc. etc. etc.

None of which(eccept maybe body mod if your into it lol) belongs in real life. I'll be up front about this. If I ever found someone doing the things that happen in my stories at the very least I would dissaprove but more likely they probably wouldn't even make it to a court room. Fantasies such as the ones I have should stay within the realm of thought, script, and drawing.

That being said I hope you enjoy my stories. I enjoy comments whether good or bad critisms.