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My stories will appeal to a narrow range of readers as a majority of them concern pedophilia. One comment I get about them is that they are realistic and most could occur in real life. Incest is a focal point as well as Mg, M+g, coercion, rape, drugs/drinking, prostitution, rough, interracial, cream pies, anal, oral, and occasionally others. I'm not big on scat, snuff, bondage, S&M, and torture but have been known to touch on some from time to time. I'm a middle-aged father of three who enjoys writing in my spare time and hope you find my stories as enjoyable to read as they were to write. Responses from readers keep me motivated to continue so if you liked a story, please drop me a line to let me know, I'll really appreciate it. I also welcome negative comments as it keeps me grounded. Thanks... wetfly6969