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R.P.A.M.: Profile

The first stories I wrote were given to me by a girl in 2009. In real life, she is somebody I met on the Internet, and we shared a common interest. After some time, she asked me if I wanted to help her with writing down her stories in English, so she could share them with other like minded people on a forum, and of course, I accepted it. I already knew a few things she had done, and I thought it could be fun by turning them into stories. And what started as only a few stories, quickly turned into the book we call, 'The Diary of a NIP-girl: 1999 – 2000'.

During this period, I discovered that I liked writing down stories and in the summer of 2009, I started to write on my first fictional story called 'Alternate Discipline Plan in Europe'. Because the alias Veerle was known by others, we decided that I would publish my stories under her name. So people would know that it was from the same author.

When the NIP book was done, she started to lose interest and decided to take a break in writing down her stories. At the same time, I got a request for a story that has now turned into a story that I call 'Agent X5 – Trouble in Paradise'.

In February 2010, she asked me to change the contact information on 'SOL', because she is getting fan-mail about my fictional stories, and she always had to warn me that I needed to answer a mail with her. We wanted the keep it a secret that it was I who was writing the stories and not she. She didn't like this, and I must confess, I was also feeling a bit ashamed we were misleading people by doing this. So, we decided to come clean and tell everyone that it was I who was writing the stories, and that she only provided me with the stories of her own life. (And don't worry, she promised me that she will start writing on her own adventures in the future, but not at this point because she has other things on her head.)

I hope that you guys don't mind that we did this, but from this day forwards, you know that it isn't she who is writing these stories, but that it is I. By the way, I'm a man and not a woman! Veerle can still be contacted on her Gmail account, but she told me that she won't be looking in as often as she did in the past year.

For the rest, I hope you will enjoy the stories I will be publishing here, and please keep in mind that my native language is Dutch and not English. So, the English I will be using will sometimes look somewhat different than you would expect, but I'm sure it will be readable, and it's more about the stories than the spelling of course!