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Do please, if you're new to 'Relaxing Assistance', begin at Chapter 1 and proceed from there. See - every chapter depends (pun intended) on what went before...

I've spent most of my life in parts of the world where English-English is used, and I'm now living in the United States, so - spelling is arbitrarily mid-Atlantic, sometimes English and sometimes American. You might find a z where you would expect an s (and vice versa), and the letter u is sometimes in its English place in a word, and sometimes omitted, as in American usage. And other peculiarities will doubtless arise... Please make allowances for this odd behavior/behaviour when deciding on a Technical score! :-) It's deliberate mis-spelling, honest!

'Relaxing Assistance' (RA) is my first attempt at writing in this genre, and I'm very pleasantly surprised by all the positive feedback - thank you! One odd thing - so far, all feedback emails have come from people of the male gender, which I find surprising, since I try to write a story with appeal to women and men - so, if there ARE any women readers of my stories, please let me know, and tell me, if you would be so kind, what if anything you liked (or disliked), whether they seem to ring true, if the characters are believable, and so on, to YOU. I aim to please both female and male readers, and I promise to reply to ALL emails!

It's taken about a year and a half for Relaxing Assistance to make it to 31 chapters, and there are more brewing in my mind. The characters themselves seem to decide what happens next, which is distinctly odd - it's THEY who control the action and the flow; I simply write down what they are up to, or so it seems. Where the characters go, my pen follows.

I hope you enjoy! Feedback and suggestions most welcome.