Lauren Blue Eyes: Profile

This was my second SOL profile, when I changed from LaurenMom to Lauren Blue Eyes. This was written in mid-2009. The biggest change from this one is the "happily married" part, which has now entered the fantasy category for me ;-). The pen name I currently post under is Lauren, but the feedback for these stories still comes to me.

2009 Profile:
I'm an adventurous mid-40s mom with an active fantasy life. I'm happily married, but all too often I have to tend to my desires on my own. So, I've taken to writing the fantasies and desires down. So far they tend to run in the direction of fantasies involving family members, including children. I intend these tawdry tales as fantasies and they are intended only for adults. I love feedback and don't mind criticism of my stories. Let me know what you think.