A P Gilmore: Profile

I am a person with a very vivid imagination, someone who's thoughts can take them to places, that they have to be written down. This helps empty my mind, which helps me create new and more wonderful worlds.

I am not or shall ever be a proffesional writer, what I think and what ends up on paper end up being very different.

I have written stories for the Internet before, and have received very good praise. My grammar and some of my stories can be confusing at times, but I am learning as I write more. On the whole my stories a very enjoyable and above all as realistic as possible, even where stories are fantastical in nature.

Please read my stories and enjoy, a review or a simple hello is always welcome and I hope like me when reading any story, they open your mind and imagination to a world where anything is possible.

Happy Thoughts for Everyone, Amy.