JenniferO: Profile

Hi, my name is Jennifer or Jenno to my friends. I'm an outgoing, friendly girl as you might expect of an ex highschool cheerleader. I work as a freelance portrait artist. I'm 5 feet tall and weigh about 87 lbs. I have brunette hair with red highlights and green eyes. I swim a couple miles every morning and have that lean swimmers physique.

My most notable physical features are probably my butt and my nipples. Because of all my swimming I have a nice firm round butt that seems to drive a lot of guys crazy. My breasts are on the small side, but very firm and my nipples are very large, a little over a half inch across and little longer than that when hard. Even when I wear a padded bra, they are pretty visible. For guys who like big nipples, I seem to be god's gift. I've never met a girl with larger nipples than I have, but know that there have to be some.

I guess I should say that I like sex, actually I love sex, but not many of my friends know what a little exhibitionist I can be or some of my crazy adventures.

I'm 30 now, so a lot of that has kind of calmed down, but in my younger days, I was quite a wild little thing. I kept most of that a secret life though, my friends just thougth I was this funny outgoing, maybe a little crazy artist girl.

I thought I would share a few of those experiences from my diaries and hope that you enjoy them almost as much as did.