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A 55-yo guy from Southern California, I just write for my own and my readers pleasure. I don't write about explicit sex because if one REALLY wants explicit sex, you can get video off the web which is much more detailed than anything I could write — and most of the women are better looking, too. LOL! (I suspect that my female characters are brighter than most of the porn stars! But THAT is another story...)

I like stories with plots. My short stories are often inspired by something I've heard or seen that for some reason tickles my imagination. A certain light-hearted humor appeals to me, and I try to convey that in my stories. I use dialog as much as I can, having my characters 'tell' their own story. I tend to use a conversational style, including colloquialisms, sentence fragments, etc. In other words, I break the 'rules' of grammar if I think that it sounds more like the way we speak or think.

I'm very impressed at how many readers will take the time to vote, and I appreciate the effort that you are making!

Feel free to send me suggestions or corrections about my stories! It seems that no matter how many times I proofread my stories, there are these dastardly little gremlins in my computer who insert typos and malapropisms when I'm not looking, that I notice as soon as the story is published!