Unca D: Profile

Greetings and thanks for your interest. I've been writing fiction for about 10 years, including some novel-length works. What you'll find here are romantic/erotic fantasy short stories and novellas. I specialize in character-driven stories in which the participants have interesting or unusual backstories. Many include scenes or sub-plots featuring medical situations and procedures. I'm especially interested in exploring how two people meet and connect; and I believe what makes sex scenes erotic is the emotional bond the characters develop.

I have written a fair amount of klismaphilia (enema fetish) material that you'll find on my page at ASSTR ("klismafiles", search for author "klisma" at asstr.org). I intend to keep that genre confined to ASSTR; and to post here on SOL stories with a broader appeal and perhaps more artistic merit.

I encourage dialogue -- compliments, criticism, gripes, bitches and cheap shots are all welcome; and I hold all correspondence in the strictest of confidence.