606_Zip: Profile

606_Zip is a Chicago writer who one day got so horny that he just broke down and started writing sex stories to take the edge off. He deludes himself that eager female fans will send naked pictures of themselves to him in thanks for writing these stories. In that way he is a typical male SOL author.

All City of Chicago Zip Codes start with 606 and while all his stories may not be set there, 606_Zip does his best to add some kind of geographic color of flavor to every story he writes. He also likes to add fun, twists, humor, satire and the kitchen sink.

Straight as a ramrod, you probably won't find any mm action in his stories. Likewise baby scat animal lust is also out. But if you like excitement, romance, danger, a few risks, humor, and stories about sex and the urge to reproduce then you'll find his stories, well, zippy and hot.

Right now he has several series already started. This means that they will either take forever to finish, may never finish, or he'll keep churning pages out at the fantastic rate he's set for himself.

He also publishes the same stories elsewhere but probably starts them here now. Why? So you will find them - that's why!

NOTE: His email address is disposable. If you spam it, he can change it in 5 minutes or less.