Scarlett Doucereaux: Profile

About Scarlett

Born in a small rural community in Alberta, Canada on November 20, 1967, Scarlett was an avid reader from an early age and dreamed of writing stories and articles for magazines, even writing a novel.

Upon graduation from High School, she joined the work force, married her high school sweetheart, became a full time wife and mother and raised a family. When her children grew older, Scarlett continued her education, taking college courses in the IT field and re-entering the work force.

All her life, the desire to write remained strong in her mind and one evening, seated at her computer, the words flowed onto the screen as she wrote her first story, a work of erotic fiction. Scarlett sent it to some close friends to read and their positive comments were encouraging. One suggested she submit her story to an erotic fiction website that welcomed new authors. Her story was subsequently accepted and she began another. Another website approached her requesting one of her stories and her writing career had begun.

She then designed a website of her own to display her work, that she updates as new stories are written.

Scarletts works of erotic fiction are diverse, written from both the male and the female perspective; encompassing such subjects as erotic horror, first time, non-consent, loving wives, exhibitionist/voyeur, erotic couplings, mature sex and poetry. She is currently writing an erotic novel and has worked with other authors writing stories and editing.