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Lady Ilsa: Profile

Just your typical married-white-female. The children are grown, the dogs rule the house.

I am a voracious reader and started writing on another site blog. The response has been, well, startling, to me. I'm still amazed that people enjoy reading my scribbles.

I am so easy to please - I love comments, constructive help, and story ideas. If what I write is not to your liking - that's fine. Just don't be cruel. If you send anonymous feedback, I can't thank you or respond. Please tell me your 'name' and if you are an author, let me know so that I can read your stories. If I read a work, I will always vote and usually comment.

Ilsa is a nickname I've had for quite a while. And I usually try to be a Lady. But, my brain has been in the gutter long enough that I am now the Mayor of Gutterville.

Remember, Life is short, so Enjoy it!