Lance DeLonge: Profile

Growing up in an old city like Baton Rouge was an experience that helped shape the style and direction of my writing probably more than anything else. Living only an hour or two away from the South's "sin city" of New Orleans, I experienced early the darkest and sultriest of what the city has to offer. My father was a successful business man, and my mother a English Professor at Southern University. My parents also were swingers, and between the two of them, they were quite well connected within the lifestyle community during the 70's and 80's. I often traveled with them to out of town rendezvous, allowing me an opportunity to see more of the South than most as we traveled, often to lifestyle and historical hot spots such as New Orleans Richmond, and Atlanta. I got a taste for classic writers such as Twain, Faulkner, and Stienbeck.

This is also where I got my affliction for older women I think, especially married. Growing up in a house hold where sex was prevalent and encouraged (it was rare not to have a young lady or man over for "dinner" on the weekends, whether a student of my mother's or co-worker of my father's), my ideas of women and men evolved on quite a different level when compared to other children my age. Fantasies about my teachers were not limited to one or two school boy crushes as you can see from my writings. My fantasies were often focused on women of authority in my life, teachers, baby-sitters, neighbors, even friends' mothers. In high school, however, I suffered from rather low self esteem, and as a result, was not terribly successful with girls my own age until around my senior year. This is probably where I did some of my most influenced writing, attempting to copy the styles (however poorly) of authors I studied in class. Frustrated by my shyness, I attempted to fill the gap with writing about what I know most about. College was really more of the same, interspersed with relationships that paled sexually to that of my parents and my fantasies.

After school, I joined the Navy to see what there was out there and after a stint I returned home to the parties and lifestyle I grew up with and live there still, enjoying the nightlife that I have known since I was a child. Here I belong. If you ever travel to Cajun country, be sure to seek out the night life, for you will never find any spicier food or hotter passion for life anywhere.