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Naughty Writer: Profile

Hi! I'm divorced dad and in my mid 40's. I'm an avid cyclist and used to race bikes in HS and college, and still ride 100's of miles a week, in good weather! I hope that you enjoy my stories and look forward to hearing from you! :)

I've been writing erotica since I was a teen but never shared. Any comments, ideas, editing mistakes, continuity mistakes, please feel free to let me know! Just be nice, I'm a virgin!

In the past I mostly wrote romantic stories, you'll forgive me if some of them have too much sugar content. The rest are all going to be loving family lifestyle, incest stories. I'm experimenting, some of the girls in the stories might be a bit young for some but everything will be consensual. And like all little girls, they all grow up, eventually! :)

If only there were naughty daddy's girls in real life. :)