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firstkiss: Profile

I suppose this is the part where I say something witty and sexy and tell you all about myself... okay... um... here goes...

30, female, Canadian, married -- new to writing erotica and curious to know what you think of it. I live for feedback; it keeps me wanting to write. I always thought I'd write the great Canadian novel, or the next Harry Potter - but somehow I seem to have stumbled across this particular medium and it suits me best. Not something my family would want to brag about if they knew, and it'll never make me rich, but at least it makes me happy.

I like the smell of clean laundry, home-cooked meals I don't have to make myself, and men who act like gentlemen.

I'm always open to suggestions and criticism and would love to hear from readers who have either.

Thanks - keep reading and I'll keep writing,