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Hi there,

I was recommended to this site by another author so have decided to put my private collection of erotica up here and hopefully find and connect with people who enjoy them.

I\'m hoping to find like minded people who enjoy the spirit of the stories to help me tweak and create new ones. I take a collaborative approach to my stories and love to incorporate new ideas that other people have into new sections or rewritten sections of any of the chapters I\'m writing.

In my personal fantasies, I love playing the innocent and very fertile young woman looking for a strong male who can tame and breed me, filling my fertile womb with his thick and healthy seed =). As a result, my stories focus heavily on aspects of breeding, fertility, impregnation, and lactation.

I\'m always on the lookout for other writers or fans who have a wicked imagination and truly enjoys the breeding themes that are so prevalent in my stories. If you have a collection you\'d like to share with me or give me some tips I\'d love to hear from you.

A little bit of me

If any of you have IM, my msn is tarabridges20athotmail and my yahoo is hyp3oo. I\'d love to chat about your thoughts on ideas about new chapters I can write.