PureLibertine: Profile

Hello there.

I am a young aspiring submissive girl. I am passionate about alternative lifestyles, sexuality, and writing, so I figure this is the right place to be.

In the past I've been an avid poet and I have always enjoyed journaling, but now I think I'd like to broaden my horizons. I plan to write some novellas, some realistic erotica, and maybe the occasional flash/stroke story. I love critiques and input of any kind, so please vote and email me your comments. Even if you just say 'nice work' or 'needs improvement' it at least lets me know someone's reading what I write.

A little more about me:

I am very involved in the BDSM lifestyle so most of my stories will probably relate to that in some way. I spend my weekends at munches and other Scene events. I help run a newbie group for a local munch (though I'm still a newbie myself in many respects). I have been actively reading up on the lifestyle since I was 16, and actively participating since my 18th birthday. I've had some truly amazing experiences and plan to write about them. I will let your imagination determine what is real and what I thought up all on my own.

I like to read (mostly fantasy and sci-fi), watch movies (usually comedy), write (of course), and spend time with friends. I am currently a college student, hoping to eventually go for my PhD in clinical sexology.

Feel free to email me anytime.