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I began writing a few years ago when I discovered the internet. At first, I started to cyber the women I was chatting too, but found that just using cyber wasn't enough, so I started to write short sex stories for the women, (I found that a great way to meet women on the internet in chatrooms) anyway, after a while I found that I was having to chat to 5-6 women at the same time in the chat rooms and started to cut and paste one story into each private message box. that worked well for awhile, then I had a brainwave, why not write the stories and keep them on my computer, and when women wanted a story, all I;d have to do was to email them one, but I'd change the woman's name in the story to the lady I was sending it too. they all thought that I'd written it just for them. after a while I found that I had over 400 stories in my computer...BUT, I did one thing wrong, I didn't back up the stories and not too long ago, my computer crashed and I lost the lot. so once again, I'm re-writing some of those stories, but this time I put them online in a couple of story sites, that way I can always get them if my computer crashs again