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Authors Introduction:

Hello, I hope wherever you are it is a glorious day and that you stop at least once today to appreciate it:)

I appreciate any time you may take reading what I write.

I have loved to read all genres forever and found that there was an itch in my head to write. So, what follows are the thoughts and ideas I’ve had rolling around in my skull for the last 38 years. I believe that being able to impart a story well is a gift that few have, and I in no way believe that this gift is something that I have.

However, I would like to try, so, the path that I have set out on will lead in two directions.

Dragon Clans will be a central hero Novel, following Michael Dane from first breath to well I have no idea, I have a pretty good outline and think his story should take 3 books to cover.

Avenging Angels will follow a group of characters pursuing a central goal while living their lives, studying how the individual paths find cohesion for the whole and in the end lead to well, you’ll just have to read it. This one could evolve into more than one book or a series of books, ill just have to see where the muse takes me.

Both books take place in the present with flash backs from 5 years to 30,000 years, I will try to keep the flash sideways to a minimum as they always bug me when I read them.

There will be elements of magic, technology, love, sex (probably a great deal of sex), conspiracy, betrayal and well numerous other things that hopefully will entice you to read the next chapter and see what happens.

I am looking forward to writing both and intend to do them concurrently, I believe it will be an interesting test of my skills as well as having two very different stories going at the same time will, hopefully, keep me writing as I will have two themes to work from, limiting the boredom/block factor, time will tell if this is an accurate idea or wishful thinking.

As this is as first an effort as there ever was, I look forward to any and all criticism, constructive or otherwise.

Thanks, Vjax