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NightLore: Profile

Ok to start off with I’m 22 but I have about a English comprehension of a fourth or fifth grader. You ask how is that possible, you see I have Dyslexia and because of it I was pulled out of class every day when my class was learning how to read and Wright and put into the resource program. If you don’t know what that is. It’s a program at most if not all schools that caters to kids with learning disabilities and English as a second language to teach them the right way to do thing. For me they taught me little tricks to counteract my Dyslexia and improve my reading and righting. In that regard they help me greatly but I didn’t learn much ells. To give you a little glimpse of what it was like for me imagine a fourth grader with about a low C in English dropped in high school English he will not learn much if not anything at all in that class he will pick up things here and there but he will fail the class every time. That was basically what it was like for me. I know some high school English but that only raises my comprehension to about maybe a D student in English in the sixth grade. But I am going to start taking classes at a Community College in the fall. So it should improve. So bear with me till I get better.

Thanks again for the help and the comments.