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Cazna: Profile

I was born in Sydney, Australia in the mid 1950s, and went through a school system that segregated children by sex. This meant that I had very little interaction with females, of any age, apart from my immediate family, until I commenced work in my teens. I'm not much of a social animal, more of a hermit.

My stories are mostly fantasy, with some partial basis on real life events of myself, and people I know. Many of them start with a real life experience and move off into fantasy, i.e. day dreams of how I'd have liked it to end. Others start in fantasy, and move to real life, then back to fantasy.

Ill health has caused me to stop writing and Ernest Bywater now has total charge of writing sequels when he can. He has revised all my stories. Please do not send me any emails as I've even handed that over to him and he needs his time to write stories, not emails. Sequels will appear on his home page when he gets them done.