mollyGRL: Profile

I can honestly say that I'm "proud to be Canadian!" like the beer commercial.

Though I'm sure a lot of people reading this are concerned about my stats. I'm a female of a certain age, with a certain lifestyle, and a certain taste for good food, fun and wine. (Not trying to be coy, I'm trying to sound interesting! There is a distinction.)

ok. Truth? I'm thirty something, single and not too recently returned to School after discovering that being a chef was not as glamorous and exciting as I thought it would be.

My goals for the future are as following: Finish school, Make lots of money, Buy a nice home, hopefully have a family, and live happily ever after. (Not too ambitious I hope!)

who is mollyGRl? good question. Molly is my Beautiful little cat, who's playful and sweet, moody and coy, not to mention an eternal optimist for always thinking that if she slinks close enough to the ground the bird on the lawn won't notice it's being stalked. My little mollyGRl has claws and she's not afraid to use them.

In other words, she is the essence of who I want to be when I finally grow up!