Frederick T.: Profile

Frederick T. (1948-2002) posted the first installment of The Adventures of Willy Tamarack, "The Afternoon Feast," to the newsgroup some time in 1996. From that time until December of 1999 Frederick T. posted over 60 stories to and In 2002 he posted again for a short while and created a web site at the Alt Sex Stories Text Repository ( You can visit the site and download his stories at

Several unpublished stories written by Frederick T. were discovered on his hard drive after his passing. Those stories, eight in all, are being posted to Storiesonline World Literature Company.

"A Week in the Life...A Willy Tamarack Tale" was written in 1998 for an internet startup that emailed customers an erotic story a day for a fee. The company lasted a month or so and Frederick T's first installment was the last story they emailed before they folded. His records indicate he was paid a wopping $10 for his work. There were five other installments. The entire set is posted here.

"Chain Reaction" was undated and planned as a series of stories. Only two of the series were completed. They are posted here as is.