H.L. Berry: Profile

I call myself a Finance Director, because it sounds much grander than ‘Accountant.’ I'm possibly the only FD in England who arrives at work in a very loud, green sports car that lacks both doors and a roof. Luckily, I'm a part owner of the business and can get away with odd quirks like this.

In my spare time I like to write erotic short stories. I even sell some of them. At my current rate of progress, they should make me a millionaire by the time I am 987.

I live in a small town in Yorkshire, England, with my wife, who knows I write erotica, and two small children, who don’t. Harry, my cat, doesn’t care what I write as long as he gets fed regularly.

H.L. Berry is, inevitably, a pseudonym. My mother has a pacemaker and I’d rather she didn’t need it more than she already does.