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nici: Profile

Controversial stories and storylines interest me. Tragic or hanging endings I love. Emotional storylines I love.

I'm not set on any one genre of story, mainstream, romance, cheating, fetish, lesbian, BD/SM or even transgendered. It doesn't matter. If I can take the opposing view, and make it work, I just might do that. Each and every story that I write is for me, an experiment in understanding differences. Therefore, though most of my stories I will write from the feminine prospective, I'll also try writing from other persons prospectives. Knowing, learning, feeling how it is to be someone else is why I write. Sort of a "Walk a mile in my shoes," type of thinking.

My stories are not "stroke stories". Mostly, my stories will be mainstream but a little too sexual to be posted as mainstream. I will though be writing continually some stories that will be posted as "Teasers". They will be very sexual and sexually explicit, but will have a twist in them, a mind trap. So beware.