Frank the First Born: Profile

I am male, English by upbringing Irish/Welsh by blood. I like happy endings and stories that end up consensual. A little magic, science, spanking, BD and Mdom can singly or together often spice up a tale. I am not really enough of a fan of Fdom, to write it, but don't mind it where the subs are female. Male subs and/or Male/Male sex are not really my cup of tea and are unlikely to appear in my stories, at least centre-plot.

Not all my stories are erotic or even for adults some are simple fantasies written for my own pleasure, whether any of these will escape into the real world to be read is another matter ...

I welcome any criticism, and like encouragement that dares to be truthful. If you want to be unpleasant or flame me that's OK, too - just remember, you don't have to read my work and I don't have to read your emails!

If I have given you enjoyment, take a minute to tell me: if you don't write you can have no idea what a true payment such messages are.

Please enjoy and to quote a famous Irishman (Dave Allan) 'May your God go with you.'