LovelyTulips: Profile

I don't purport to be much of an artist or a talented writer. But by laying pretense and pompous rhetoric by the wayside, I try to clear the brush so the painful but heavenly beauty of the female form comes through unfettered and untainted by my feeble imagination or my beggarly and broken self-expression. Through my writing, I hope simply to expose the beauty and exuberance of female youth.

I neither approve of nor endorse pedophilia or other criminal sexual conduct in real life.

The works found here constitute my first attempt at writing erotic fiction. I initially tried back in 2006, but I was too ambitious then. Now, I hope to be more realistic in what I attempt to write, primarily in terms of story length. I anticipate, at least at first, that most of what I write will be very short with a great deal of sexual content.