Gia 1978: Profile

I am a 29 year old lesbian, living in "Porn Valley" in Los Angeles, Calif. I started writing erotica as an outlet for my sometimes psychotic sexual frustrations. Most of my stories revolve around "young girls" discovering their sexuality. I usually feature girls that have an oversized clitoris and ejaculate when they cum. My best works are girl-girl themes. I sometimes draw from real life experiences in my stories. I love girls of all races and the younger, the better!

There's nothing like having a "barely legal" 18 year old girl sitting on my face smothering me into near suffocation. I'm a rocker chick at heart and I love most kinds of music, but mostly stuff my dad turned me onto as a kid. From 80's hair bands like Motley Crue to current cookie monster bands like Opeth to 70’s Gods Led Zep and Pink Floyd… Rock the F**K on!

I suppose I should discuss my special talent with you all. I am a "squirter". The technical term is female ejaculation. When I have an orgasm, I ejaculate (sounds fuckin hott, doesn't it?) and cum squirts out of my pussy. The furthest I've ever shot was 25 feet! I love to cum and I love to make men and women cum with my stories.

Kisses and squirts,