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docBlue2: Profile

I have a love for reading. I have a love for erotica. I have a love for the female form. Recently I decided to write down some ideas for a story combining these aspects.

After getting some good feedback I wrote a few more. But they just weren't 'right'. So where does one go to find an editor willing to do erotica? Online :)

I found Sandy or she found me, I cannot remember. Either way, she is someone who is indescribably good at editing for grammer, flow, consistency, and credibility of a story.
Without her, I would not have continued to try my hand at writing these stories.

Since then, Rusty, a fellow writer who also had ties to Sandy, has helped a great deal in this regard while Sandy has no doubt gone on to fame and fortune writing novels or screen plays for all we know.

My stories are a mix of reality and fantasy; something in each story has actually happened. Fantasy is added to let the imagination wonder: "What if 'this' happened?"

I hope my stories can someday achieve 'Sandy'-like quality and 'Rusty'-like interest. In the meantime, I hope they are at least entertaining. Any feedback is welcomed and Please vote!