Vincent Dukorr: Profile

Salud! I am Baron Vincent Dukorr.

Tales from the Barony of Korr are almost always: M/F+. Which means the guys have sex with girls, some of the girls have sex with other girls and they do this in all the ways that equipment and inclination allow. All of them will be near or over 18. The tales are usually fairly slow with extensive plot and character elements. Many will have romantic or light domination themes.

I don't care for mind control, non consensual or heavy bondage stuff. Pain rarely inspires me and since I write what I like, it probably won't show up here.

For now, all my work is from a single male POV because I'm just one male and I know how my brain and fun parts work. I write in third person with as many of the rules of English grammar as I can remember from school and be bothered to deal with. Comments are more than welcome, encouraged even. Hey, go on, email me. Corrections and constructive criticism will be carefully routed around my pride and gratefully passed along the management in the perfectionism department. Feel more than free to vote, all I ask is that you grade me on my skills as an author and not -only- how well the sex scenes catered to your personal sexual interests.

And since this profile is turning into a work of literature in and of itself, I bid you welcome again and wish you well.