Grampy: Profile

I’m trying my hand at creative writing fairly late in life but it has taken me this long to learn to not take myself or life too seriously. As a 60 year old male, I find it somewhat ironic that my inspiration to write was the stories of a 23 year old female author. But she has served as my muse and mentor and has convinced me to try my hand though without her skill or style.
My stories will be mostly hetero because I am. They will never contain violence because I figure the world has enough already. I’m afraid many of my stories will have too much of a romantic story line to make good stroke material but that’s because I’m a hopeless romantic. Woman will probably like my stories better than men. I’m not sure what that says about me.
I hope my stories give their readers the good natured fun they gave their author. Your comments and emails are always welcome and I will attempt to answer them If possible. That is unless you are mean spirited in which case you can go to hell and do not expect an answer, because life is too short to waste on mean people.