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Well here goes...I hate doing these profile things!

I started writing when I was 21 before that I cut every one of my English and creative writing classes...absolutely hated writing anything unless it was song lyrics.

Actually the funny thing I didn't even know I could write. I don't mean the physical act but the creative act, you know stories, plot-lines, intrigue and so on...

I wrote my first novel in 1983 at the age of twenty one it was hand written in pencil and in 9 or 10 of those subject binders you get your kid when school starts...

The writing, sentence structure, punctuation and pretty much everything except the basic story line looked like it was written by a third graded but I tend to think out of the box so I took the mess to the college the Lit. Prof. took one look at it and assigned it to a fourth year literary student to edit it...Believe me she did far more than that and I will be forever grateful to Karen far all that she did do.

Through a series of mishaps, mistakes and strange events I managed to be in the right place at the right time and fell into a literary agents lap "Literarily" and she liked me and pulled some strings and WAALA! Published my first Novel, "Shadow Riders, Book #1 of the chronicles of the "Demon Fell and the Gates of Hell" saga. I was playing a lot of D&D back than and we didn't have any store bought dungeons or monster manuals or anything much so I was making everything up as the dungeon master. I used the nine characters' from our game and integrated one of my dungeons into the storyline.

A short time later I published, "The Shadow's Legacy" Book #2 of the "Demon Fell".

Needless to say they didn't do too well in sales but they did inspire me to forge ahead and here I am.

The short story I'm submitting was my first attempt at a very difficult exercise in both writing and the psychology of the male and female minds, basically how you might truly react when you find yourself thrown into the lead role of your own bizarre story.

Hope you enjoy it...Oh, and watch for my following attempt...Titled, Gypsies, Tramps and M.D.s.