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Lustybear: Profile

A middle-aged fellow living in northern California with many different fantasies. Some of my fantasies I'll keep just that way. Others I hope to realize someday. I am turned on by erotica, especially well-constructed stories with few interruptions due to grammar and spelling mistakes. I love short stories and longer ones; romantic tales, and stroke pieces, too.
I applaud and appreciate anyone willing to put their writing out there. There's a certain courage and trust that goes with submitting your words, thoughts and ideas to the scrutiny, and hopefully, the enjoyment by others. Writing cannot be improved without criticism, ideally compassionately given, and recognition by the author that we do indeed make mistakes, if he/she chooses to improve their writing, and the enjoyment of their readers.
May your time spent reading my words be well-spent, and perhaps even stimulating!
P.S. The 'bear' part of my pen name refers to my bear-like size--not fat, but large. At worst, imposing or intimidating, at best protective and cozy. Also, I give great hugs.