Samuel Kincaid: Profile

I have been writing short stories for awhile but have never compiled a book until recently. My first book "In Her Service" is a compilation of the stories and is available at in softback and e-book formats.

Most of my stories deal with a D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship from the submissive’s point of view. Both books are Femdom (Female Domination) in nature, but with bondage, spanking, denial, and submission all thrown in. I also try to interject a little humor where appropriate.

A little warning, these stories are very sexual and deal with sometimes sensitive acts. I have tried to approach these with tasteful writing but in order to express the scene felt it was necessary to write explicitly.

I have just finished my latest book "10 Steps to Domination" and it is also available at

Browse my Web site for more information about the books I have written. I also have some short stories posted there for download. Both books I have written also have previews available.

If you have any questions, feedback, or story ideas, please e-mail me at


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