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Gemini: Profile

I love all erotica especially that which is written from true experiences, as most of mine are.

I have always kept a diary even from an early age, reading back over events refreshes my memories and stimulates my imagination.

Not much is taboo for me as I understand we are all individuals with varying tastes. Its not for me to judge others; each to their own pleasure.

I am attempting to convert extracts from my 'True Life Journal' into short stories to submit here. Doing this has helped me come to terms with my veracious appetite for sex and the fact I displayed this appetite at such an early age.

For those of you wishing to read my Jounal in sequence, may I suggest you start with, “From Fantasy To Reality”, as this is a form of introduction. I then try to keep it in chronological order.

You can then read, “My First Memories”, “First Boys”, “Stranger On The Shore”, and continue up to my most recent extract.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to comment on my stories. I can only write from the heart, I'm no expert author so I won't mind constructive criticism. Thanks to all who've sent me emails, even the anonymous ones.