Three Sheets: Profile

My friends tell me I had a hell of a good time in the sixties, I'll just have to take their word.
I am just a little intense about the control issue in my life. As we go through life there is so much that you have no control over so I make it a point to do what I can in a personal way. My wife and I live a fairly free-wheeling lifestyle in that we accept others as they are, we don't want or try to change them and we expect the same. She is the love of my life and my willing sub.

Past experiences/fantasies are the fodder I call on. Although my story situations are pure fiction, the things that take place are real even if they didn't happen all the same way. Believe me when I say I have lived an interesting life in interesting times.

A major turn off in reading some stories is the Michener complex. That is when an author feels he/she must tell you deep background and what is happening every second of the passing day. I don't want to know how many times you chew your cereal. Unless chewing Froot Loops causes a psychotic reaction that is important to the story, don't tell me what they eat or how it was prepaired, again unless it's important to the plot and action. Mention in passing is one thing, dwelling on the consistancy of the curd in your cottage cheese is just too anal.
There is an exception to all rules and that is if you have a GREAT recipe let me know.