Sphynx: Profile

Not much to know about me. I'm nineteen years old, I live in Oklahoma (I live in the tornado alley of tornado alley. . if you think I'm kidding, look up May 3rd, 1999). I currently started a job at a movie theater, so now I can ease my obsession over Pirates for free. I love to talk to people, so if you're ever interested in speaking to me, please don't be shy! I've been known, on occasion, to e-mail my reviewers to let them know my thanks. I don't profess to be the greatest writer on this site - in fact, I'm very far from it. However, it seems that some people get some enjoyment out of my attempts, so I'll keep writing as long as they'll let me. I do think that I am improving, though. Let it be known that I am a Christian. While none of my works could be considered Christian stories, sometimes my faith does work it's way into my characters beliefs. I'm saying this upfront because I don't want to get anyone accusing me of shoving my religion down their throat. It's very simple - if you don't like it, don't read it. I won't flame you for believing how you will, please extend the same courtesy to me.

I am a very friendly person, and I love talking with my readers. To me, I helps me write better, because I know what they want. What the readers are looking for. A writer that has no contact with her audience is not a very good one at all, in my opinion. So please, do not be shy at all about e-mailing, or sending me an instant message. Just be aware that I might talk your ear off.